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karta-istraThe little Istrian village of Barići is situated on the West part of the Istrian peninsula, on the Višnjan-Motovun road. It is 12 km away from the sea (Poreč), and 3 km from the little town of Višnjan, and also 3 km from the new highway exit (the Istrian Y) Kopar-Pula.

barici-kozaSurrounding Barići, there are beautiful meadows, grain fields and forrests, and one can see all the way to the Učka mountain. The area is famous for its renowned truffles, wine (Teran and Malvasia), as well as Istrian prosciutto ham and Istrian sausages.

barici-vinogradVery close to the village there is the Višnjan Astronomical Observatory, which tells of the air purity in this part of Istria, where it is possible to enjoy the beautiful, clean and serene surroundings, as well as the exquisite Istrian food and drinks in the many Istrian taverns and restaurants.

There are just other 11 houses in the village of Barići, which is a guarantee of a serene and peaceful environment and enjoying the idyllic rural ambiance.

The villas have been projected so as to incorporate all of the traditional elements of the original Istrian houses, which were built with Istrian brick and rock, and have been equipped with central heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as garden pools.



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